General dentistry

At our clinic we provide all-round dental care from aesthetic procedures, fillings, endodontics, sensitivity relievement to more complex, surgical treatment in full anaesthesia with hospitalisation.


Instead of fillings we use to recommend inlay technology which means that the restoration is made by the technician and then cemented into the tooth by the dentist. This way even bigger carious  lesion are manageable that are contraindicated for fillings and without the premature preparation of the tooth for a crown.

Further advantage of this method is the much higher aesthetical results


Dentistry for the pregnant

There are two main misbelieves that make pregnant women desperate about dental treatment in theircondition.

One is that the infant extracts calcium from the mothers teeth for their own needs.  Actually the baby does not take away from the mother but the mothers body produces everything the baby's growth needs from alimentation.


The other misunderstanding is that anaesthetics are  harmful to the baby. Anaesthesia and analgesia are two different things. Most of dental treatments are undertaken in local anaesthesia so that nothing is transmitted into the foetus. Local injections block the nerves only at that location and the effect resolves by the resorption of the anaesthetic. No other nerve, nor the baby is affected by it.

We would therefore like to encourage pregnant women to visit us if they have complaints with their teeth during pregnancy and to pay increased attention to them.